The Future of E-Commerce is Now

Trends You Need to Know to Stay Competitive (and Thrive).


The future of e-commerce is transforming at an unprecedented pace – making it crucial to prioritize e-commerce transformation to stay competitive.

So what can you learn from 2020, and how can you apply these lessons to your business to remain relevant with consumers, stay competitive, and not only survive but thrive? We take a closer look in our latest eBook.

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What You'll Learn

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How COVID-19 Accelerated E-Commerce Trends

The retail industry had big plans to shift to an e-commerce model by the end of the decade, but little did anyone know that what was projected to take 4-6 years would be accelerated in a matter of weeks due to COVID-19.

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Our Top 10 E-Commerce Trends We're Seeing for 2021

What had started as a shift out of necessity has turned into an evolution of consumer behaviors that are vastly reshaping the future of the retail and service industries as we know it.

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The Foundation for a Strong E-Commerce Strategy

As a pioneer in the commerce industry since 1998, NetSuite was the first to provide an e-commerce solution that integrated with back office systems. Today, SuiteCommerce powers thousands of online businesses helping them grow and expand to new heights.

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